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Our tabletop Escape Games can be enjoyed in a restaurant over a meal, or alternatively we can come to your place of work and be a part of your next team building event.

Espionage & Sabotage

The CEO of The Plus Size Paper Clip company has called an emergency meeting of every department. The paperclip industry is fiercely competitive and there have been whispers of organised hits and juicy underhand deals. A mole has successfully infiltrated the organisation and has been stealing the elusive paperclip construction secrets. The mole must be identified and stopped in their tracks. The first department to identify the mole will receive a significant pay rise. If you fail you will be fired! Your department worked too hard to gain your foothold in this organisation so you will stop at nothing to find the mole!

Will you take risks to sabotage other departments or simply focus your attention on the task at hand?

This game has been designed for a larger setting of up to 100 players. It is perfect for a corporate setting, and works wonderfully as an ice breaker, networking or team building activity! 

The Rightful Heir

eeek! Castle, a Scottish secret is hidden deep in the highlands and has lay derelict for hundreds of years since the last inhabitants were forced to vacate. A band of descendants with historical ties to the Castle have each arrived in the Banquet Hall and stated their claim to the territory. To determine the rightful ruler a series of puzzles were left by its former inhabitants, hidden within the castle walls.

Discover the secrets in the lives of famous Scottish legends such as Mary Queen of Scots and Robert Burns. Guests will race against one another to unlock the Family Treasure Chest and win the right to rule!

Do you have what it takes to beat your foes and lay claim on eeek! Castle?

This game has been designed for a more intimate setting of up to 30 guests. It is perfect for small celebrations such as Burns Supper or birthday celebrations

The Last Bottle

It’s been 100 years since prohibition began and you find yourself in a dystopian present, where the sale of alcohol is once again punishable by law. An underground movement in Scotland ‘ALE’ (Alternative Liquid Exporters) has been successfully delivering alcohol around the old public houses, making it possible for people to enjoy a tipple or two in their favourite boozy establishment (under the cover of darkness, of course).

However disaster has struck! The cops have finally caught on to the pattern of distribution and all the supply chains ALE was using have been cut off. Your favourite place in town is now down to it’s very last bottle of wine! Nothing will stand in your way to win it and savour the last great taste.

Compete with friends against fellow dinner guests to win the Last Bottle. Can you and your team mates solve all the puzzles before anyone else?

We can host up to 60 guests for this Escape Dinner theme. Perfect for special celebrations, corporate events and intimate weddings.

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